The needs of environmentally conscience consumers are increasingly being met by large scale producers, processors and retailers of organic goods, but the mass of the market does not want to pay more merely because a product is “environmentally friendly”. Most consumers demand products which are not only friendly to the earth, but which work as well as conventional brands. Biodx has been looking to develop natural or organic antimicrobial products or disinfectants from plants, which can be used safely in the food and other industries where human health may be at stake.

Following ten years of intensive research and development, the company, Biodx, now has technology available for the formulation of a range of citrus-based disinfectants, which eliminate most forms of pathogenic bacteria and other microorganisms with a residual decontamination effect.

The product range includes disinfectant solutions for the food, health and agricultural industry and can also be used by industries wanting to include the formulation in products of their own.