BiODX has a core passion: to replace harmful conventional chemicals with benevolent products that work as efficiently. Its founder and driving force is a man who spent many years making and selling those harmful chemicals, Humberto Rodrigues knew exactly what he was doing, and eventually grew tired of it. “How can a man spend his life producing poison,” he asked. His answer was Biodx, a project to which he devoted 10 years of his life, his home and R80 million (not all his own) and into which he drew a formidable array of experts that reads something like a Who’s Who of South African excellence.

“I think many scientists must at heart be ‘closet-greenies,’ he says, “otherwise I don’t know how I managed to attract so much support for so long.” Credit must go to the South African government (in the shape of Department of Trade and Industry’s Support Programme for Industrial Innovation, SPII), the IDC, eGoliBIO (incubator), SABS and CSIR Biochemtek. Other powerful supporters appear under the “Associates” tab, including PhD’s, marketing professors, attorneys and international associates.

The fundamental principle behind BiODX is integrity, defined by Rodrigues as “thinking, saying and doing must be in sync.” This determines the company’s anti-greenwashing, anti-graft, anti-greed philosophies that dictate fair prices, truthful claims and straight talking. “We like doing business with people that think the same way,” says Rodrigues, “and it’s no coincidence that they find health, the planet and environmentally friendly products important too. Sure, we’ve been told that it’s naïve to expect to do business without bribery, but that’s the way we like it.”

The result of Rodrigues’s vision is an exceptional product that is genuinely environmentally friendly (see Definitions), biodegradable, works provably well and kills 99.9% of “bugs” (microbes, fungi, molds, bacteria). Based on a natural citrus extract, it is an SABS-certified anti microbial/ preservative, formulated into NUTRIDX, VITRODX, AGRIDX and INDUSDX for the food/beverage, industrial, agricultural and pharmaceutical markets.