BiODX: harnessing the power of organic anti-microbial disinfectants

Recently launched in South Africa, BiODX’s organic anti-microbial disinfectant range is setting a new standard for this product category. The result of five years of intensive research and development (R&D), the range is citrus-based, eliminating most forms of pathogenic bacteria and other micro-organisms. It has a residual decontamination effect for up to 24 hours.

The first BiODX products to market, the range showcases both the biotechnological capabilities of its South African inventors and the positive impact of business incubators in this space. “Our strong research and development focus has meant we have been able to work very closely with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), eGoli BIO (CSIR), SPII (IDC), Ile de France and Genopole, ” says Humberto Rodrigues, CEO: BiODX. “We have received additional branding and marketing assistance from ChemCity, Sasol’s small business incubator. This team will also be helping us in terms of product support, regulatory issues and development going forward.”

Rodrigues explains that the products derive their unique properties from their citrus base, “The citrus extract used is that of a first-press. As such it is not chemically or process influenced, nor does it carry any additives. In combination with the stabiliser, the extract forms a germicide anti-microbial that performs in the fashion of a conventional chemical – a breakthrough in this area both locally and internationally.” In practical terms, they are therefore far more environmentally-friendly than chemical disinfectants, as well as being completely biodegradable.

Comprising NUTRIDX, VITRODX, AGRIDX and INDUSDX, the product range offers an innovative disinfectant solution for the food and health sectors, the agricultural industry (in terms of soil and plant preservation), and industries that can make use of the formulation in products of their own. Available directly from the manufacturer, the local market has already shown significant interest in the range, seeing it as a responsible alternative to conventional disinfectants on the market. “While our disinfectants are very effective in dealing with bacteria, they have no lasting impact on the environment. In this way they align industry users more closely with environmentally-sound business practices,” says Rodrigues.

While the range looks set to establish itself firmly in the local market, Rodrigues explains that this is just the beginning for BiODX, “Our long-term goal remains to develop and manufacture a completely natural disinfectant. Although we have come that much closer to achieving this, we remain convinced of the value of continued R&D in this area.”

The complete BiODX range will be on show at the BIO International Convention at the Georgia World Congress Centre in Atlanta. Visitors to the company’s stand will have the opportunity to learn more about the powerful properties of the products, as well as gain insights into their development and manufacture. “By showcasing both the range and BiODX at the conference we are confident that we will not only be able to generate international interest in the product and our technology, but also establish ourselves firmly on the global biotechnology stage,” concludes Rodrigues.