BiODX awarded SABS certification

BiODX, developer of biocides and disinfectants, has been awarded the prestigious SABS certification for its products, which kill or disable 99.9% of infectious, harmful organisms, but are non-corrosive, biodegradable and contain no chlorine, alcohol, or formaldehydes. BiODXis a member of the eGolibio incubator.

“SABS certification is a guarantee of quality,” says CEO Burt Rodrigues. “It ensures all procedures and processes stringently adhere to standards. Samples of each batch are sent for analysis and certification.”

“We are proud to be able to associate ourselves with South African National Standards,” says Rodrigues, “because it is yet another step in our mission to be international leaders in the development of novel, high quality and environmentally safe biocides. So far our products range includes NUTRIDX, VITRODX, AGRIDX and INDUSDX, offering disinfectant solutions for food, health and agricultural fields. The formulation can also be used by manufacturers in their own products.”

Biocides in general are chemicals designed to kill or impact the growth of living organisms, thus preventing microbiological activity in processes & products. Traditional biocides can pose significant risk to human health and the environment (such as chlorine, alcohol or formaldehyde-based products). Society’s changing values and concern for our planet are now forcing ever-stricter regulations to control toxicity and environmental impact. It is BiODX’s mission and vision to provide harmless alternatives to solve microbial problems.