BiODX develops “green” biotechnology products and anti-microbials based on a natural citrus extract. The products are biological and quickly eliminate bacteria with a 99.9% kill rate. They are totally biodegradable.


To use our gifts with passion, love, excellence and integrity to enhance balance in the natural world for the benefit of all living things


To create lasting and progressive relationships through cooperation, sharing and transparency by bringing leading edge technologies to the world.

Biodx, situated in the CSIR mining research park in Melville, has worked with the CSIR for 6 years to develop DECONT-X, from which four products are derived. CEO Humberto Rodrigues, says, “The natural citrus extract is stabilized with a biodegradable compound that contains no chlorine, alcohol, formaldehydes or toxins. The formulations are also non-corrosive and earth-friendly, so do not harm the environment.”

The products’ SABS certification guarantees highest standards of excellence and quality. NUTRIDX, VITRODX, AGRIDX and INDUSDX offer an innovative disinfectant / preservative solution for the food/beverage, health, industrial and agricultural sectors and to industries that can use the formulation in products of their own.